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Date published: July 5, 2019 at 4:43 pm
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I had the pleasure of meeting Ellie during a recent tour in Hobart,
When she opened the door I was met by one of the most gorgeous girls iv met,
dressed in some sexy gym ware that you would see all around the place but the way her body shaped the outline of the gym gear was heaven, I’m sure I stool there trying not to stammer and make a fool out of myself. When she turned around and I got to follow that amazing Butt I knew Ellie was going to be absolute fire, but some how it got even better as I needed to follow that amazing booty up stairs the to the bedroom, and every step she took gave her bum this sexy wiggle as I followed her I was in heaven already.
I feel the need to point out that Ellie looks better in person then her photos show, her stomach is toned, Ellie’s face beautiful is great smile with lovey deep eyes, great breasts and her ASS…. Its Amazing so firm and tight I struggled to keep my hands and lips away, Ellie truly is stunning,
Besides Ellie’s natural beauty which have left me dreaming about our encounter is what can only be described as the BEST BLOW JOB IV EVER HAD, I was completely taken off guard, I was unaware that so much pleasure could be received from someone, and I can just not stop thinking about it.
I would highly recommend seeing Ellie, her Pictures are just a tease of what she really is like,
Cant wait to see her again.
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