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Date published: July 17, 2016 at 1:58 pm
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As a connoisseur of many fine things in life, I am very selective in the people that I chose to spend my valuable time with. Ellie is one of those people.

I first contacted Ellie several months ago, and over the next week we made arrangements together for our first interlude. Ellie was most agreeable to discussing and assisting with selecting one of several Michelin star restaurants for mutual benefit.

The conversation with Ellie was engaging and immediate trust was developed, with the formalities discussed, agreed and the gift forwarded in full prior to meeting. So engaging was the conversation, Ellie made me feel so much at ease, that this highly usual aspect was done (I normally only proceed on that basis after the first meeting).

I arrived at the hotel, freshened up as any gentlemen going on a date ought to do, and waited in anticipation for Ellie to announce her arrival. Upon the scheduled time that we had arrange to meet, I proceeded from my hotel room towards the hotel foyer still anxious as to the person that I had arranged to meet.

A taxi arrived near the hotel foyer, and an absolute vision exited the vehicle. I watched as Ellie slowly walked into the hotel, the concierge opening the door, with Ellie proceeding through. You can sense the eyes from those around carefully watching this lady enter the hotel, making her own statement, looking subtly as to where I was located. My heart skipped a few beats, as all my thoughts were – wow!
We met, and proceeded to travel to our room, engaged in some further discussion, visited the executive floor of the hotel, enjoyed a pre-dinner drink and canapes, before making our way to dinner.
The conversation continued to flow, not as people that had just met, but more like friends that had just been reacquainted. Dinner became much longer than anticipated, purely as several courses were delayed, as both of us seemed lost in each other and conversation.

After dinner, we retired back to the hotel, and further enjoyed the evening.

I have since seen Ellie on multiple occasions since our first meeting, and each evening continues to become the highlight of my fortnight, as Ellie’s touring timetable permits.

How would one best describe Ellie? Ellie is pure class. Honest. Definitely the girl-friend that one could only hope to ever share time with. Charm, wit, engaging conversation. Physical features that linger in your thoughts after your company has parted for several days. And the smile – often one describes someone as gorgeous, without having an adequate base to compare thereon. Without revealing my identity, I have shared the company of many ladies on Scarlet Blue, Private Girls and other reputable sites over an extended period and have since stopped looking – for me Ellie is the complete girlfriend, companion, confidante and courtesan.

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