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Date published: September 14, 2017 at 10:35 pm
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An adiction, !!! Perhaps but in Rocky she said" to see me again u might have to come to Brissy.
So thats why 7 hours travel and here on her doorstep I am..Its a growing thing, u see her and it prods yr mind at all strange timed, Eliza and a memory there , never a bad one and if there were more mirrors there would be more smiles and happy faces.
. Sent the text , am here for U.instructions sent and the voice "come on up".Door swings back and a light kiss on the cheek.Looks like a quiet night and having been awake since 2 a.m. that nagging feeling of a dash of fatigue.
" I have just the right thing for U " she said and handed me the glass ....Berocca ....well with that and the vision before me I hit an instant high.She brushed past me with a slight nudge and stopped turning her head she said " unzip me:", knew then it wasn't going to be a quiet night as she stepped out of the skirt and dropped the top to the floor.
She.turned to face me and the embrace and DFK , warmth of two bodies entwined had me coming up for air.On my knees her right leg over my shoulder I greeted her properly..
Holding parts of her in each hand she began to edge backwards , knees starting to bend and breath quickening, made it to the bed and fell backwards throwing arms above her head, but quickly to return to hold my head in a certain spot while she raced for the finish line.
Sitting on the bed with me facing each other put her hands on my cheeks and leaned forward with a new tender kiss , knew then that I had read the soft quiet tender mood.
Hand on my chest she pushed me back" now my turn" she said and me at her mercy.
Later she cowgirl a slow intense urgent movement which built into a mutual explosion of emotional union physical timing and happy content mutual exploration , that after cuddle and stroking. The advent of a total new and deep connection .
She is amazing in after care and refreshed, finished the glass of water so badly needed
That is what Eliza is to me amazing unique and a wonderful woman , so that may be addiction.???^
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