testimonials for Eliza Parker

Date published: August 14, 2017 at 10:38 pm
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Rocky, could hardly believe it, she was finally within reach, after months of trying to get the paths to cross.
Sent a text, almost immediate response, " u can call if u like" ...I did, ice broken, connection made with her voice resounding in my head, and agreed to call on leaving home.
Date time and venue registered and in the rocket heading out on the highway.Made the call , that voice again fueling the anticipation of what lay ahead." Coming into Rocky see u soon" and having pulled into parking the room number came through.
In the lift and as its doors opened so did hers, and so this picture of beauty reached out and I was pulled into the room.Warm hands and arms around me entwined , weather it was balance or a gentle nudge we fell on the bed , DFK and entwined and entwined she can do.coming up for air we in a standing embrace I knelt her left leg over my shoulder and pleasure flowed both ways .Those warm hands then started on the shibrt buttons while I gave attention to bits of clothing while the belt Wan mastered and clothes in heaps on the floor.
With her whole heart she gives all she has with verbal assurance and pleasure sounds , u cant be left out its all systems go and on top favorite she suddenly gasped for air , arms clasped and locked behind my back she said NOW!!!! And shuddered, nails bedding into my back.i could feel her heart pounding , and start to slow as we rolled over and the urgency built up again and she said " my turn now " and proceeded to touch the star she had just released.
The energy and total abandon surfaced again this time her legs across my back , drawn in the full force of the experience manifested itself when she said "Together now" and the full force of the tide rushed over us.Hearts poundin hands clasped knuckles white with force straining not to miss any of the passion we felt the tide ebb and the tenderness sweep across her .
Such beauty in her face, relaxed and gentle hands stroking her face, this the meaning of life , totally satisfied in harmony with the universe the warm glow of us manifest here.
"Would u like to have breakfast with me ?? She asked and the bond was sealed as we sat in the morning sun coffee breakfast and pure harmony , an experience which enriched my life and a privelage to have met ELIZA

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