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Date published: February 5, 2017 at 5:13 pm
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I met Eliza Parker last December. Here we are in February and I'm just getting my breath back.

Eliza is smart. beautiful, funny and sexy. Not necessarily in that order. More like all at once. She's hot. Fantasy hot. She isn't tall but she's statuesque. She walks with poise. Wonderful figure. Well fit. Slender arms, great legs, fantastic bum, perfect breasts and nipples. Gorgeous face, elegant bone structure, luscious lips, mesmerising eyes.

Excellent to talk to. Quick on the uptake, tunes into your wavelength, cracks jokes, flashes a dazzling smile, enjoys laughing. English accent that turned me on the moment I heard her voice.

Very sexy. Eager. Playful with serious intent. Kisses in that way that makes you feel like you're devouring each other. Open to suggestions. She moves in bed with pure sexual rhythm.

It is one of life's great injustices that there is only one Eliza Parker. But if there were more then within six months I'd either have no money left or a heart attack. A life-changing woman.
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