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Date published: October 15, 2016 at 1:02 pm
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I had been away oversea for work for 3 months without any sexual joy. I could not help but think of Eliza the most stunning and sensual and sexual cup of English "Hot Chocolate". I had not seen her since she went back to England. I tried to contact her and to my delight she was back and in Melbourne. She toured up to Sydney for a few days straight away so we could hook up. But that is Eliza a great heart and a purely professional lady. I wanted to try something different with her and she certainly did provide it. She tied me spread eagle to the bed and spent 1 hour in leather and 1 hour in latex giving me the most amazing sensual and sexual Femdom experience i have ever had. It was so amazing. But then she is such an amazing woman. Everyone loves chocolate. Forget Lindt, forget Cadburies . Boys,ladies, and couples open this chocolate package you will keep coming back for more.
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