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Date published: June 12, 2018 at 6:18 am
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A truly breathtaking and fantastic lover. She's got a beautiful body, a beautiful smile and bright eyes that entice you immediately and after warming you up with her charming conversation she unleashes her beautiful body for you to gaze at devours you in the bedroom with passionate kissing and fierce embraces. Diane is a truly amazing lover, eager and down for just about anything, within her rules, and eager to accommodate your needs and happy to vocalize when your helping her with her needs too. Nothing quite like feeling her body shudder with pleasure when you know you've hit just the right mark and her passion and sincere arousal make every sexual encounter both passionate and tender and sweet. And if that weren't enough her charming personality, variety of interests and the fun ease of talking to her make her companionship alone almost worth the experience. I caught myself lost in conversation while we cuddled naked as we talked about everything and anything. The fact that we spent as much time just laughing together and cuddling as we did exploring each others bodies is amazing but that is what experiencing her is like. Diane is simultaneously a fantastic lover and a delightful companion to laugh and joke with. I recommend her, you won't be disappointed.
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