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Date published: July 31, 2016 at 3:28 pm
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First time review, so apologies for any stylistic issues.

Chelsea is a delight.

On arrival she immediately went about setting us both at ease. Despite our obvious nerves, we shared a few jokes, sipped some wine, and moved off to get acquainted in the bedroom.

I was still a bit awkward as we lay beside each other on the bed, so Chelsea slid over to break the ice. Her kiss was soft initially, then increasing in passion and intensity. That exquisite kiss, or perhaps the wine, allowed things to flow (bad joke intended).

Chelsea’s outfit had a little rockabilly about it. Her leopard print lingerie offset her smooth skin and tattoos beautifully. We didn’t rush, exploring each other as clothes disappeared piece by piece. As things got more interested, Chelsea confessed that a certain part of her was quite sensitive – muhahah. An unwise disclosure, as I spent much of the night focussing on that spot, causing her to give little indignant squeals.

I’m not going to go into a blow-by-blow account of the session, suffice to say that Chelsea was attentive, responsive and a whole lot of fun. She gently increased or relaxed the tempo of things as needed, teased and played with creative mischief, and had fun presenting such an enticing collection of toys that I couldn’t work out which to use first. Her ‘O’ face is definitely worth the price of admission, her laugh is infectious and she was very accommodating and friendly. She has a very shapely body, soft skin and some of the most engaging eyes I've had the pleasure to be engaged in whilst 'engaged' with someone. Ehem.

Any regrets or criticism? For starters, Chelsea’s jokes were awful, the kind of dad jokes a young lady of her style should be ashamed of. I sternly instructed that if she told three such jokes during the session, I’d turn her out in to the corridor wearing nothing but her stockings. She didn’t quite believe me and proceeded to push the limits of my tolerance. Such cheek!

Second, we didn’t manage to get through all the desired particulars of my booking. It wasn’t a huge thing (the list was a tad long) and we got the important bits sorted, but there was a level of unfinished business. Which leads into my last regret.

You have no idea how difficult it was to disengage from each other. We’d moved to the shower and with time dwindling, I could only stare mutely as I washed Chelsea from head to toe, watching the soapy water cascade down her inviting body. Throwing me an evil look, Chelsea’s took the face washer from my hand and proceeded to ensure that everything around my nether regions was still in working order. But she did so slowly and with clear seductive intent.

“That’s my revenge for you being so mean.”

I had been mean, it’s true. Well only slightly. Aside from attending to Chelsea’s ‘sensitive spot’ in earnest, I had teased her with a vibrator and taken perhaps a little bit too much malevolent joy in my work. Not that Chelsea seemed to mind at the time, but during the shower she made it clear that I wasn’t the only one who knew how to tease. I suppose it serves me right. Still, the sensation of the last few minutes in the shower together is going to cause me much distraction tonight and over the coming days.

Chelsea describes herself as a nerd, an acquired taste. I prefer to describe her as a delectable treat worth experiencing. For certain, she has tattoos (All of 20. I counted them. And then recounted) and I know this isn’t everyone’s thing. However, I believe the tasteful set adorning Chelsea add to the woman and give her a visual character to match her personality.

I haven’t been particularly critical, which raises the question – is Chelsea perfect? Good gracious no! There are so many things I could mention, too many for this review in fact. Not that I can think of anything off the top of my head. But certainly much can be worked on and one can only hope Chelsea heeds the constructive feedback I intend to give her when we next meet.

I suppose I shouldn’t be too flippant about such things. If I’m not careful, she may tell more of her jokes.
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