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Date published: November 14, 2017 at 1:17 pm
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Well ..... where do I begin. Certainly not experienced at these services ... but my years of business experience I notice passion to ones dedicated profession and attention to detail within that. Chanel French was beyond my expectation ... in fact our meeting from the moment I laid eyes on her the thought of a profession was completely out of my mind. The welcome felt so real I swear I had known Chanel for a long time.

At any moment during our togetherness did I experience a skill or inflated approach to sell herself ... no it was natural in the true sense... I can't express that enough .. It was the heart to an enjoyable and memorable experience there's just no way you can bypass another invite when the time arises.

My mind started to race ... if I am finding myself so comfortable with this women what on earth will I experience when the lights go dimmer ... Well another dimension of pure passion ... as if we hadn't seen each other for a long time and both hungry for attention.

Chanel attention to detail was impeccable from her first word to her last kiss to say the least .. overall a safe, pleasurable, memorable and exhilarating experience, she will drive you as hard as you want to go yet stayed in tune with desires ... she just knows you that well in whatever time you have. There are no ratings on this page .. usually 5 star is ultimate .. but Chanel French deserves a 10 star rating.

Until we meet again .. Best wishes from Solo.
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