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Date published: June 22, 2017 at 12:17 am
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"'Cece', she says her name is Cece" is part of one of the more enchanting introductions on a escort website I've read. I shouldn't be surprised. Following Cece on twitter is a highlight. She has a way of telling stories of her exploits in a way that keeps you hanging on her every word.

I spent time with Cece again on her visit to Adelaide. This was my second time. My first time, again in Adelaide, a few months ago was very pleasurable. Meeting a quiet, reserved person for the first time when you also have the same personality, can often result in some awkward, quiet patches particularly when you prefer longer bookings like I do. Our first meeting was so much fun, but I didn't necessarily feel a lasting connection. Please read on though...

When Cece announced her Adelaide tour at short notice, something told me I should see her again. I sit here, 2 days after seeing her, convinced this was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Stepping out of the lift, her gorgeous smile and instant recognition of me takes away any nerves or insecurities I have. Her kiss in the lift increases the butterflies. In her pink dress, with a red bikini visible underneath, she looks gorgeous!

I am lucky to have 4 hours with her, so there is no hurry. But within 10 minutes, we are kissing passionately on the couch, and her hands are everywhere!

Intimately, Cece is in a league of her own. The shower, the couch, the bed, the spa, she is actually relentless. There is no to attempt to delay or pass/waste time in other ways. She simply loves to have you inside her, in one way or another. Cece allowed me to experience a number of firsts with her, making our time oh so memorable. There are amazing review that are far more descriptive of fucking Cece that I will never be able to compete with, but when she looks you in the eye, and tells you she wants you, something inside you changes!

Of course, before I got to this point, I spent seemingly hours kissing Cece. The GFE side of Cece perhaps gets lost a bit in her social media presence, however in my mind this is her true calling. I need to feel comfortable talking to and kissing a lady before I feel comfortable taking it further. She makes you laugh, makes you feel loved and makes you feel like a king. Her constant eye contact in everything she does makes you feel like the only person in the world. It is an amazing feeling!

A connection? Definitely there now! She is such a beautiful person, intelligent and driven. The second visit allowed both of us to come out of our shells. Made for an amazing booking!

I made a last minute decision to see Cece again and I think I had the most amazing booking I have had to date. I will never second guess myself again if we find ourselves in the same place. Amazing Cece, thank you!

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