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Date published: February 11, 2017 at 5:38 pm
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Still newish to the escort scene, and advised by all and sundry that I overthink things and seem to enjoy the intimate and passionate side of encounters more, I set out to prove everyone wrong. Turns out everyone else was right and I was wrong, but more on that later!

So I went to Twitter to find a companion who exudes sex, seems up for anything and would generally rock my world without giving me the time to overthink things. I think most people looking for this would stumble across the same name - Cece Reign. Her Twitter profile is among the most entertaining out there. Photos with something for everyone and very entertaining storytelling. I was so happy that she was touring Adelaide!

Like all of my encounters, booking Cece was a breeze, and she was happy to interact in the lead up to our booking. I looked forward to my session of minimal intimacy, no thinking and hard core sex (those who know me will find this very funny!).

I stepped out of the car at her hotel, and the handles on the bag I had her gifts, cash and champagne in both broke, resulting in a smashed bottle, saturated gifts, soggy cash and me covered in champers. A great start! Is this what a champagne shower is? Not nearly as erotic as I'd hoped, in the car park.

Seeing her step out of the lift was almost the point when I realised that I was wrong and the others were right. She was stunning in the tight blue dress I had requested, glowing in the natural make up I had requested and generally oh so beautiful. But above all, she exudes sweetness. Innocence and almost shyness was my first reaction. She is so gorgeous and so beautiful, and her first smile will stay with me forever.

After passing her the champagne soaked pleasantries, she was quick to grab me for an amazing few minutes of extremely passionate kissing. I loved every minute as I felt the desire for hard core interaction sapped from me. Dammit, the others are right! At this point, I thought fuck it, give in to what I love! Intentions went out the window, and the passion started.

I showered and we moved to the bed. Intimacy with Cece is beautiful. She is so receptive, so into it and her relentless eye contact is intoxicating. Her looking up at you with your cock in her mouth will probably never appear on Twitter, but is infinitely more memorable. Mutual oral culminated in a Cece special, the facial. I don't know if she loves it, but her leaving my cum on her face while resuming conversation was so arousing!

Seeing Cece's eyes light up in conversation is the most amazing thing. Despite her young years, she is mature, worldly and so socially aware!. Her toy show for me was enough to get me ready for round 2. Age, overhype and an unwilling "little Scotty" eventually conspired against me being able to give her the attention she deserved. Instead listening to her tell the full story behind some of her Twitter stories e.g. "fingering on a plane" etc was enough to get me over the line. Especially while she wore the bikini I loved!

This is long, and I'm sorry. Cece was passionate, attentive and beautiful. I take it as a compliment to myself that I am able to witness the very beautiful side to these ladies. Cece will cater for all of your wildest PSE dreams, but she also provides an amazing, intimate, passionate service to lovers like me. Amazing Cece, you are yet another credit to your industry. I can't wait to meet you again!
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