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Date published: February 11, 2017 at 10:24 am
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A Dalliance with Cece.

On her previous tour of Melbourne I caught up with Cece in a last minute, totally unplanned booking. This turned out to be a GFE that went well beyond my wildest expectations with the beautiful Cece turning on a show that left me smitten and planning a return booking with this blonde bombshell. A wait of months for Cece to return was rewarded with a play date that can only be described as a session of pure hedonistic indulgence in a venue to make me feel like a king with a partner whose energy and passion is hard to beat.

The booking was made weeks in advance, giving me plenty of time to build my expectations while following Cece's antics and conquests on her various social media platforms. With every post of outfits, cum covered breasts or lips or story lines where Cece teased her followers with her cheeky public flirting my focus on our scheduled booking was renewed and time seemed to drag. I was like a child waiting for Christmas; the weeks just dragged on.

At last the day of the booking arrived, final requests were made, venue confirmed and all was in place. Cece met me at the elevator and immediately had my full and undivided attention. She looked absolutely stunning! Dressed in a playsuit, fresh faced with no make up and hair in plaits; she was a picture of unadulterated beauty. She wore a smile that not only lit up her face but had an immediate effect on my heart rate. In truth none of her gorgeous photos does this German babe justice - you need to experience her in person to truly understand the depth of beauty that is Cece.

My attention was very quickly diverted back to the purpose of my visit - a very dirty dalliance with Cece. In short time we were in an embrace and engaged in a DFK. Cece excells at this, holding my attention and staying in this embrace for some time. To be honest I could've stayed in that embrace kissing her for a lot longer but broke off knowing last time we met things got heated and we were well into the session and our games before realising I hadn't showered. I didn't want this mid game interruption this time so broke the embrace and headed to the shower.

Emerging from the bathroom I found Cece in the bedroom, standing beside the bed, playsuit gone, now only wearing black lingerie and a come fuck me smile. I was fully dressed as I wanted her to strip me - that would have to wait as I needed a chance to explore that body with curves to die for. We kissed and explored, I lifted her up, her legs wrapped around my waist and moved to the bed. With Cece sitting in my lap, I fell to the bed and took in the view. Oh what a view, a beautiful woman in black lingerie staring back at me with her sparkling green eyes and a radiant smile; a woman at ease and enjoying the attention and anticipation of the games to come. Sitting back up I unhooked her bra and freed her breasts of the lace and wire. Cece responded by stripping my pants and boxers from me and very quickly went to town on me showing off her exceptional oral skills while maintaining that ever arousing eye contact. Cece truly understands the importance of including you in the moment and not making you the moment - a slight but very important distinction.

Needless to say we went on to explore, laugh, play, chat, laugh some more and totally exhaust ourselves over the next few hours. If I had to identify a focus - oral sex was the theme of the session. You name it and we pretty much did it - a week later and I still get excited thinking about some of the fun we had.

In closing I want to say that Cece may have an image as a kinky girl and the Princess of Facial cum shots but she is far more than this. Having time to chat with this beautiful person, hear her views on the environment and society and her passion for design was a delight. Not only does she hold high ideals, she lives them - her willingness to share her good fortune in making this world a better place is something I respect and find attractive. In all honesty I love her laugh and easy going nature and feel privileged to have had the opportunity to share more time with her.

Thanks Cece for an unforgettable meeting and I look forward to continuing our adventure on your next Melbourne tour.
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