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Date published: May 17, 2016 at 2:03 am
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It is some two weeks since meeting this wonderful and vivacious young lady. I was reluctant to book her at first because of the huge age difference, but as you will see below, I was put at ease very quickly and reminded that we are all consenting adults and age is just a number (providing that number is greater than 18 ;).)
Cece is well and truely mature beyond her years, has the wisdom of someone far older and her love for sex can not be put into words.
Our meeting came about thanks to Miss Nina Milano, as she said on Twitter that Cece looked like a fun girl. So as Nina is one of my favourites and I have come to enjoy threesomes, who was I to deny her meeting Cece?!
We started our time together by me putting the two of them in "The Cage of Death" to swim with some crocodiles. (As you can see from Twitter and Scarlete Blue, they are both still with us).
This was of course followed by three hours of bedroom fun...and boy was it fun!!!
Having two gorgeous ladies, naked in my bedroom always puts a smile on my face. These two got on very well and paid me and each other just the right amount of attention. The conversation between heated, passionate love making and mutual oral encounters was as stimulating as the sex itself.
Cece is confident in every thing she does and I can see her succeeding in anything she puts her mind too.
I won't go into any further details about our meeting, but to say that I booked her for a further 3hrs of one on one action the next day, which was a very sweet way to end my long weekend.
Cece you have to return. I haven't had enough yet :-)
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