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Date published: March 27, 2019 at 7:22 am
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I had the pleasure of meeting Candy CLEO today,
I was greeted by a warm friendly tall attractive woman..as she welcomed me inside her apartment...it was soon apparent she was hungry for hard cock..her tall curvy figure was dressed in horny revealing lingerie..covering her full suckable breasts..meaty swollen cunt mound and full round butt cheeks...
We kissed hungrily...tongue throating each other..nibbling her ears etc as she panted like a bitch in heat...I hastily removed her bra to let her breasts n hard nipples spring free..to lick n suck them her big excited nipples and my cock were both hard n erect...she then tore off her G string and offered me her panting wet cunt . I tongued flicked her swollen clit as she used her big vibe to thrust into her hungry wet twat...she was building up by then....her breath panting...her cunt now wet n juicy...she then went right off as I told her to turn over onto all fours..and part her booty cheeks exposing her tite puckered slutty arsehole...and cock starved lippy juicy cunt..as I screwed her hard nipples. and run my tongetip round her round her tasty arsehole...she screamed fuck my arsehole you dirty man slut..my 8" cock was dripping pre cum by then...I quickly slid a condom on...told her to stand bent over the bed corner... vibing hr dripping hot cunt..asI rubbed my purple fat cockhead over her ripe slutty arsehole then slowly squeezed him inside...fuck it gripped my knob then relaxed to take my full thick length...she groaned n moaned as my length then pounded her arse hard n she humped her hot hole onto my cock.....I grabbed her under her shoulders...forcing her back as my big cock thrust up her tight fuckhole.feeling my cum I puled out as she rolled over...mouth open sucking her arse juice off my cock...as I fingered both wet fuckholes..she greedily removed my condom as...aaaaarrrrggghhh. long thick spurts of hot spunk sprayed her face n slurping .mouth.
Then we both showered ..Candy returning to her respectable intelligent woman...and I left feeling satisfied,drained and fully fucked...will certainly be fucking with this " lady" again.......yummo...I didn't wash my face n mouth after as wanted to taste her dirty tasty arsehole juices for as long as possible...
Take care sexy lady...
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