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Date published: July 30, 2019 at 3:59 pm
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Ok so, I pondered over this decision for weeks....months...and in the end I finally committed to what I believed was going to be someone totally off the charts in terms of appearance and personality. I chose Brooklyn as my escort because I want an escape from the mundane and to have some fun, a purely self-indulgent experience and to have the luxury of indulging in carnal pleasures. This was no exception. She was in touch physically, mentally and sensually.
Brooklyn represents the very best. She is genuinely smart with a whip smart sense of humor, warm, down to earth, articulate, confident, happy, kind, generous, deeply soulful and sexy as hell. She exudes style and she really is the complete package. Truly money well spent. This is not an experience I will ever regret.
We started with dinner and a few drinks. She knows how to make you feel at ease immediately with a beautiful smile, and a gentle touch that lingers for just long enough to be suggestive, and hint at how good those hands will feel later on your skin. Conversation is natural and free flowing and Brooklyn is naturally the focal point without dominating conversation. She genuinely seeks to get to know you, but understands the impact she has on those around her. I was the envy of a number of men (and women) in the restaurant. Conversation with Brooklyn is a genuine delight. The dinner came to a close all too quickly (finished with some gentle flirting and touching) as we finished dessert, we headed back to the room. The anticipation as we walked back together builds massively, as my excitement grows at the pending sexual encounter. The next couple of hours are mind bending - the erotic ecstasy that comes when you are unaware of anything else except your own sexual pleasure
Brooklyn's body and touch are truly remarkable and quite simply put she has THE greatest backside . To take it to a more primitive level it was perfect for doggy style. Her hips and behind are like no other. She is a total beach babe.
The close of our time together (after multiple rounds) was just as nice as the beginning. She just knows how to make a man feel special, as she is just as affirming with her words and kind nature, as she is with her no judgement and heavenly touch. Brooklyn Brady is more than just an escort. She is a lifestyle...a gift....and quite possibly the best.
I have no idea why I would encourage others to call her as I want her all to myself. The best things in life need to be shared I suppose. Brooklyn is the real deal...and I can't wait to join the Brady bunch once more.

x Alfie
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