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Date published: January 26, 2018 at 9:41 pm
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Beautiful food, beautiful wine and a beautiful woman. 3 of the best things in life! I had the awesome opportunity to enjoy those 3 things last night when I had a dinner date with Blair last night at one of my favourite restaurants.

The moment I saw her I was blown away by her beauty! She was wearing minimal makeup and she doesn't need it. She looks really natural an so so pretty with a gorgeous warm smile. The 2 hours in the restaurant seemed to fly by so fast and loved Blair's company. Really smart and just the most warm and lovely personality.

After dinner we made our way to Blair's nice new incall apartment.

I think we were in the shower for like 5 minutes before Blair said, dude, maybe we should use the shower to, I dunno, actually have a shower. But in my defence, when you're holding Blair's sexy little body in your hands it's pretty it's extremely difficult to focus on anything else!

The term girlfriend experience gets thrown around so much in the escort world that it kind of loses meaning but it's exactly how I would describe last night with Blair. Like having the girlfriend of your dreams for four hours.

Loved so much being able to relax and unwind over beautiful food and drinks and get completely intoxicated by this stunning young woman. It just felt so much more natural and unrushed than short bookings that are just quick chats then kind of straight to the point if you know what I'm saying.

Won't go into too much detail about time back at Blair's place except to say that she was so warm and passionate and sensual. Not to mention so so stunningly beautiful and sexy! Much has been said previously about Blair's perfect little butt and with good reason. Oh my goodness!

It's the first time I've had a longer dinner date with an escort and now I've experienced it I have to say I'm a big fan! Hard to imagine more of a sweetheart to have done it with too. Thanks for giving me a really beautiful and memorable experience Blair. Hope we can do it again sometime you sexy lady!
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