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Date published: December 13, 2017 at 10:17 pm
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So if I said that over the space of 5 hours, Billie Moore had a blindfold on me 3 times, you’d probably think I’d booked her for a very kinky session!

This booking was months in the making. I happened to be alone for my birthday, and as a regular of Billie’s, it was a no-brainer that I would get her involved! A more generous and giving lady I have not met. I’ve reviewed her many times, and it never ceases to amaze me how much every booking is so different and always improving. Seeing her once is no doubt a treat, but becoming a regular and building a connection is oh so worth it.

A decision to book another lady to share part of my birthday booking was made, and I relied on Billie to help me choose. We selected Nina Milano. I had met her once before and Billie was super keen to meet her. I knew they would click, and click they certainly did!

To understand the effort that Billie went to, this review is best read while viewing the photos that Billie put on her twitter on 8/12/17. I arrived at the hotel room Billie had booked for us. She had created a birthday wonderland. Many balloons, including inflatable numbers that reflect my age, filled the room. I actually get a little emotional now thinking that someone I met less than a year ago went to this effort for me! I could sense Billie was really excited to provide this for me too!

Nina arrived (with a lovely small gift for me) and the ladies got to know each other while my mind wandered to what was about to happen. I was led to the couch, and the blindfold was produced for the first time. I waited while the ladies went to the bedroom. In no time, they came back and sat either side of me. I felt their hands all over me and the blindfold was removed. They both were pretty much naked, wrapped in strategically placed ribbons. As my presents, I was asked to unwrap them. This was so sexy, and led to an amazing, energetic play session that lasted for well over an hour and included both plenty of intimacy as well as acts that can only be considered PSE. Afterwards, lying there and listening to the ladies bond over conversation was very beautiful.

Nina had to go after being a gorgeous accomplice to Billie’s plans. This left Billie and I alone. Again the blindfold came out. After a short while, Billie appeared and I was instructed to remove the blindfold. She had covered herself in various icings and lollies, making herself my birthday cake. I did my best to remove as much as I possibly could with my tongue. This truly was the most sensual thing ever, as she lay on the couch and I feverishly ate as much as I could. This lead to more very messy play.

The blindfold was produced again so that the lights could be dimmed and my actual birthday cake could be presented. A beautiful ice cream cake with candles and sparklers. I made my wishes, realising that they were already coming true during this 5 hours!

If you’re still reading, you’ve done well and if you’ve seen my previous reviews, you can see I have a huge soft spot for Billie. She’s everything you want in an escort - gorgeous, intelligent, sensual and a cracker in the sheets. But above all, this booking showed me that if you make the effort with Billie, she will repay you in spades! I’m still pinching myself that someone would go to this level of effort for me, simply amazing! Thanks Billie xx
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