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Date published: September 25, 2017 at 9:16 pm
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The beauty of seeing the same ladies multiple times is that you give connections the opportunity to grow. Over the last 12 months I have certainly experienced this with Billie Moore and Elle Knox. Billie is from my home city, making contact simple. Work allows me to visit Elle in various cities. On a previous occasion I've even been able to see them together.

I back myself in to judge people, and a couple of not so good experiences have made me realise that ladies who go out of their way for you should be held close.

I was in Melbourne for work, Elle was here on tour (I also saw her the previous night) and Billie was kind enough to fly in from Adelaide after a spontaneous decision to join us. Our first booking 6 months ago all together was the hottest experience I had ever had. I was sceptical it could be repeated. I could have not been more wrong.

We decided on a reverse dinner date. That is, play first before a night on the town. Again, I have an amazing rapport with both of these ladies making everyone very comfortable with this arrangement.

A couple of drinks to kick things off, before moving out to the balcony. Somewhere between the drinks and the balcony, we all lost our clothes! A bit of balcony play was very memorable before moving inside to the bedroom. The bedroom with these two is amazing. Both know me well, but I am blown away by their interaction with each other. Equal parts passionate and pornstar, sensual and slutty, these two provided the most amazing experience. Their eyes never left me, and they worked together to ensure for at least one night, I was the only man in their world. I could review the playtime blow by blow, but the most memorable stuff was to come.

As a not overly attractive man, I've long held the fantasy of being picked up at a bar by beautiful women, as it is not something I've experienced in my normal life. Billie and Elle were happy to oblige. A packed Melbourne bar was the scene, I entered 10 mins before the ladies and perched myself at the bar. The bar was pretty packed, mostly with men. After purchasing their drinks and having a brief look around, they sauntered across to me. They introduced themselves to me, and made sure all around me were filled with envy. The next few hours included some of the most intense non-sexual experiences I've ever had (that said, much of the dancing, talking, grinding and touching was highly sexual). The dirty talk (which I'm sure was sometimes overheard by other patrons) will stay with me forever.

Both girls played their roles amazingly. Dressed to kill, they danced with each other, were affectionate with me and made me the envy of every male in the bar. I looked around regularly to marvel at other men in awe of me. Such an empowering feeling!!

It was the girls idea to go to a strip club. Again, walking into a male dominated venue with two gorgeous women on my arms is such an amazing feeling. They ensured I always had a drink and received attention from the strippers while continuing to show so much affection to me. All too soon it was all over, but despite being almost 2 weeks ago, the euphoria remains.

This review has been too long, but this was truly the most amazing night of my life. Billie and Elle as always went above and beyond to ensure I would never forget this! I'd like to think they went out of their way to make it so special for me as a thanks for my ongoing support. However, the passion that they both have for their work makes me think that these experiences are available for all! See one of Billie or Elle, or do yourself a favour and see both! You won't regret it. Thanks ladies!!
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