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Date published: June 11, 2017 at 7:02 pm
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I've reviewed Billie a few times, so apologies if you're sick of my ramblings. I felt my latest booking was different enough to warrant another one! This was to be my first overnight with Billie.

As per normal, Billie shares and helps to build the pre-booking excitement. I dread the day when I no longer get butterflies and heart palpitations in the immediate lead up to a booking, but I had this in spades in the hours before Billie arriving at our CBD hotel suite.

Having built a rapport and connection with Billie over multiple previous bookings, her arrival was like that of an old friend. One of Billie's main qualities is that you pick up where you left off. She remembers so much about you and your life, making conversation flow so much easier. Again, like an old friend.

A few drinks, some late night food, some board games, and even some lapdance rapping/singing, Billie knows how to make the whole evening fun. We spent much of the night laughing.

Intimately, the benefit of seeing Billie multiple times was very apparent, with me being much more comfortable in bed with Billie. Playtime with her is intense, passionate, and oh so pleasurable. So many amazing memories come from her sexual prowess.

Billie never ceases to amaze me with her attention to detail. For your time together, you are the centre of her universe. She is an amazing advocate for her industry and sets an amazing example of how it should be done.

Thanks as always Billie, until next time....
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