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Date published: April 13, 2017 at 10:26 pm
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Over the last couple of weeks, I have been lucky enough to see Billie twice in the most amazing of circumstances. I've seen Billie a couple of times previously and reviewed accordingly. In short, Billie is amazing in every way!

The first of the recent visits involved Billie joining myself and another of my favourite ladies, Brisbane's stunning Elle Knox, during her Adelaide tour. Billie and Elle's interactions still dominate my thoughts, two weeks on. Easily the most amazing experience I have had with WLs in my short stint.

The 2nd recent booking was a couple of nights ago, when I spent 5 hours with Billie in a lovely hotel, for her KGFE experience. Meeting her in the foyer, when she saw me, her smile lit up the room. I love looking out for first impressions, it gives me an understanding of how in to our booking the lady is. Her greeting was like I was a long lost friend. So gratifying!

I wonder if the term 'connection' gets thrown around pretty loosely in this industry. But I'll do it again. The connection I have with Billie feels so right, amazing and more real than some I have in my personal life. Investing time and multiple bookings into a couple of WLs has been so rewarding, and Billie is my best example of this. The depth of conversation, the intimacy (her staring into my eyes just melts me) and her care for me simply cannot be faked.

5 hours gives a lot of time for activities. A few drinks, lots of chats, lots of kissing and cuddling, dinner and a spa. And of course, there was loads of time for sex. I don't like being too detailed about sex in reviews, but perhaps it is time for an exception. Billie's blowjobs are hands down, the best I have ever experienced. Billie's enthusiasm for pleasing me is unstoppable. Pleasing Billie is a highlight. The intensity of her orgasms are a sight to behold. She can't help but make you feel proud of your efforts. Another benefit of repeat bookings with Billie, the sex keeps getting better. She loves it, and thrives on pleasing her partner.

Billie's body and the pride she takes in her appearance is always noticeable. While she's looking in to my eyes, I'm constantly checking her out! Absolutely smokin' hot!

I suspect Billie is very popular for BDSM and PSE bookings given her offerings. Her many tattoos and piercings may also pigeonhole her as a particular type. To judge Billie on these things is a massive mistake. As a 'girlfriend' I can't imagine there is any better. A nicer, more down-to-earth, compassionate and caring lover, you will not find.

Do yourself a favour, see Billie! She will be your best friend, a discreet confidant, and one of the best fucks you've ever had!
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