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Date published: January 18, 2017 at 10:57 pm
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After being blown away by Billie when I first met her a few weeks ago, I had to go back again to see if it was just beginners luck, or if truly Billie was exceptional at her job.

I like the longer bookings and Billie was happy to entertain. Understanding that I am very vocal in my excitement leading up, Billie happily played along and even teased me in the hours leading up to our booking. Billie loves to tease!

You know how time flies when you're having fun? Well I don't know how she does it, but I had amazing fun in our time together, and it actually felt like Billie made time slow down. We were able to fit so much into our time together!

It's the little things! Some of the gifts from my last visit were saved for this visit. Conversations from last time picked up where we left off. When with Billie, you really are the only person in her world. I mentioned last time that my pleasure is her pleasure. There is nothing about her at a second visit that alters this view. If anything, with more comfort, respect and connection, I was treated even better. For 3 hours I was the centre of her universe.

Intimately, Billie again let me experience some firsts with her, and was amazingly in tune with my needs and desires. She is so passionate, giving and clearly enjoys what she is doing. Very skilful too! I opted for PSE, and she delivered. But not at expense of her passionate, giving personality. From deepthoat and a facial to making me coffee, and from squirting to a romantic bath, she taps into all of your needs and desires. I don't need to talk about her body. It is enticing in every way!

I'd see Billie again tomorrow if I could, and the day after! The way she structures her schedule means she gives you her all. See Billie as soon as you can, you'll struggle to find a better all encompassing experience. If she has no availability, it's because I've booked her out!

You rock Billie!
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