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Date published: January 1, 2017 at 10:11 am
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I'd followed Billie for months on Twitter, and her beauty, great assets, unique skills and down to earth nature shone through. Looking for an Adelaide escort, she was an obvious choice.

Booking Billie was so easy, deposit paid and she was all too happy to chat in the lead up to our booking. So much rapport was built before even meeting her! Her approachable nature and regular responses made me very confident I had chosen well.

Meeting her for our 3 hour session really was like meeting an old friend. Billie was all about making me feel comfortable. Her mantra of being happiest when her clients are happy rang true. She could not do enough to ensure I was comfortable, relaxed and happy.

She is an amazing conversationalist, incredibly articulate, passionate about her industry and engaging. I could have easily spent my entire visit discussing psychology and "why people do what they do". Despite lengthy conversations, there always seemed plenty of time for her physical passion to shine through.

Kissing Billie may well be my favourite memory. She is amazing! And oh so into it! It seems she's happy to take control over less assertive people like myself to make sure my experience is maximised. Teasing each other became a theme, and there is no evidence of going through a routine with her. Her body is fun for so many activities, other reviewers are right when they say her photos don't do her justice! A gorgeous smile, a smoking body and unparalleled skill make Billie the ultimate sultry siren.

Billie exudes passion in everything thing she does. I experienced a couple of firsts with Billie that I put down to how comfortable she made me, how she teased me, and most importantly how she understood how my body worked. She has an amazing ability to question how things are working for me, without killing the mood. This enhanced my experience no end. While my escorting experience is limited, this sets her apart so far.

I feel so lucky and privileged to have met Billie and cannot wait for the next time! Amazing, passionate, skilful and stunning, I'm not sure there is another quite like Billie!
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