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Date published: January 15, 2019 at 4:24 pm
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I have been lucky enough to meet up with Billie on a number of occasions over the last couple of years. And most recently last week for a three hour booking - which was a particular treat!

I have always found Billie really delightful and engaging to talk with, and it is very tempting to keep chatting. But that would mean missing out on Billie's remarkable sensuality and passion in the bedroom!

And, trust me, Billie is just as keen to get into the bedroom as you are!!!

Last week to kick things off Billie performed a breathtaking striptease for me! And she definitely knows how to make it an exquisite tease! As she slowly and,oh so sensually, undressed in front of me, Billie worked me up into the most delicious state of excitement!

Billie's striptease is only one of her many talents! As her photographs show, Billie is gorgeous (and even more gorgeous in person to be honest). So slowly exploring every inch of her is a complete delight for me. And Billie's responsiveness to that intimate exploration only serves as further encouragement to continue!

When the roles are reversed, Billie's sensuality and her complete focus on my pleasure, invariably lead to a breathtaking climax. And last week seemed to reach new heights - that striptease was quite something!!

On each occasion I have met with Billie, our encounter has taken a slightly different path, but always interesting and always completely satisfying! Billie's experience and knowledge, and her obvious love of sex, means she has a very broad palette of sensual ideas to draw from to create remarkably intimate and exciting encounters.

I personally can't wait for my next Billie striptease!!
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