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Date published: November 11, 2018 at 6:53 pm
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When I first saw Billie's entry in SB, I thought "at last, a lady who is designed for me!". I'm only 5'6" and am
usually forced into chatting to a navel (nothing wrong with that, but a bit limited in scope).

So I contacted her and we started a lengthy exchange of emails, where it became increasingly obvious that such an
encounter would be exactly what I wanted. First, she seemed to be happy with our age difference. More, she saw my
physical limitations as a challenge rather than a dissappointment. (I'm not deformed, just less than rampant!).

I booked for 2 sessions of 5 hrs each, paid in advanced and, in great anticipation, waited to meet her.

When the great day arrived, Billie turned up, on time, and gogeous looking! We started off, having sorted the
wine out (pinot noir for her, chardonnay for me), we tested a dfk. Magnificent! Then we came up for air and
started talking - talking about an incedible range of subjects. Billie is intelligent, well educated (Uni),
interesting and INTERESTED! I fell into the trap (not hers - all my own doing!) we talke to the exclusion of
much more intimate contact. Then it was too late and we had to defer our further pleasure 'til the next night.

On the following evening, we met at Melbourne's oldest Wine Bar and Restaurant - Jimmy Watson's. There we
had a lazy but enjoyable dinner, then returned to the hotel.

Here, I completely forgot my earlier resolutions, and we started talking again. By the time I realised how late
it was, even with a 2 hour extension, it was too late to enjoy a full range of delights. But we still had a great

This is not the complete disaster it might sound. I now feel that we must meet again and complete our explorations.
My tongue is hanging out (yes, DATY is on the menu!) for an encore, which will happen maybe for my birthday! IT WILL

Billie is a fabulous lady, one of the best I've met. Don't feel nervous to meet her - she'll adapt perfectly to
reach your expectations. I only wish I could see her more often!
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