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Date published: March 3, 2017 at 8:36 am
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The right words don't exist in the English language to describe the rendezvous I had with two of the world's most gorgeous, intelligent, witty and funny women on this little planet of ours who are of course the amazing Audrey & Sadie... although the French do come close with "Ménage à trois". When you're in their presence, the world stops as your heart beats faster (it also skips a beat when you first seen them) and the arousal factor goes from 100 to infinity. There were lots of kisses, touches, tastes, a new amazing sensation thanks to a new toy that Audrey introduced plus lots of temptations for my mortal body to go into overdrive and of course some amazing sex that ended with a magnificent climax! It was bliss and it was perfection and I for one cannot wait until these beautiful women return to Melbourne again. However one hour is not enough time to be in the company of goddesses because I could have dined all day!
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