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Date published: November 22, 2016 at 5:37 pm
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How unbelievably lucky we are in Adelaide that these two incredibly sexy and gorgeous erotic Goddesses have chosen to be based here among us mortals. They must have flown in from the planet Venus because I have seen them twice now and they have blown my mind; they seem to exist on a higher erotic plane and are a cut above anyone else. The second time was even better than the first time with them, which I still find hard to believe given how fantastic the first time was! The moment they open the door and you enter, you will be stunned and you will catch your breath when you first lay eyes on Audrey and Sadie, because although their photos are quite accurate and genuine, nothing quite prepares you for how stunningly gorgeous they are in the flesh, standing there before you in that lingerie that suits them perfectly, their youthful sparkling eyes looking directly into yours. If your heart doesn't race at this moment, then Jack, you must be dead. I can't find enough superlatives to describe these two girls and their highly erotic and fully satisfying service; all the 'D' words apply; they are delectable, delicious, delightful and they make you feel delirious with pleasure. Time stands still with them. A threesome with them is everything that a sexy and erotic threesome should be, without going into the details, suffice to say that bodies intertwined in all sorts of positions, and I got to taste every bit of them that I desired and at whatever pace I desired. Indeed, they certainly got to taste me too! At no time was anything rushed by them, and it was as if they were so generous with me that they wanted me to enjoy every moment with each of them, whether it was with each one individually (while one of the girls was paying special intimate attention to the other) or both were lavishing their attention on me at the same time.

I hate to objectify these gorgeous girls by breaking down what I love about their individual characteristics, because they are genuinely warm and gentle human beings who I could easily fall for...but this is a review and I can't fail to mention how absolutely beautiful their faces are with their porcelain complexions, sparkling clear eyes, and their most gorgeous and kissable lips and delicious tongues...and their bodies are so slim, taut and youthfully nubile, whilst their experience and their sexual technique is more than evident. Sorry I had to break you down into 'bits' girls, but you know how I feel about you both and I hope you know its from a good place. As someone else has noted in a review, I really can't pick a favourite between them; alas, its not possible to see Audrey or Sadie on their own, but if it were, I'd love to see each of them individually to be able to pay undivided attention to each girl as well and really savour them.. Nothing, however would beat a threesome with them.

I can't recommend them highly enough. The problem I have now is that I'm addicted, and whenever I build up a bit of spare cash in my wallet or bank account from now on, although I could ponder buying a nice pair of shoes, a new suit, put it towards a holiday, perhaps a good bottle of single malt scotch for myself, inevitably I'm going to tell myself, why not see Audrey and Sadie? They'll transport me to sexual heaven and I'll float around for days..
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