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Date published: June 3, 2016 at 12:12 am
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After my last ‘play session’ with the beautiful and perfect goddesses, Audrey and Sadie, I had to have more. It’s like tasting the forbidden fruit because once you have experienced Audrey and Sadie together, there’s no turning back. So reminiscing about our last session (wow), I just had to have another session with these perfect sexual beings and after emailing Audrey, we arranged a 2pm catch-up! When the day finally came, I was really distracted at work but someone I managed to get to 2pm… it wasn’t easy. So as they opened the door, both Audrey and Sadie were wearing some drop-dead gorgeous underwear. These girls could easily be top models and you just have to check out the photos to see for yourself.

They both took me into the bedroom to get the business out of the way and then I had a shower for our ‘play session’ and as soon as I stepped into the bathroom and undressed, I was rock hard. I quickly had my shower, had my favourite purple mouthwash courtesy of the girls, dried off and then walked back into the bedroom to see both of these heavenly creatures lying naked on the bed with Audrey on my right and Sadie on my left. I grinned at them and said I was going to turn on my FitBit again to measure our ‘workout’ and both of them seductively smiled at me.

As I crawled between them, Sadie mentioned how hard my cock was and how eager she was to play with it which was music to my ears. So I as lay between them, we teased each other by gently stroking our bodies and Audrey sternly told me not to spoil ‘Game of Thrones’ because she only started watching it. Sadie was up to date but I wasn't going to spoil it because I was here to be spoilt! I looked at these two beautiful women again, looking deep into their eyes and commenting how beautiful, perfect and amazing they are with Sadie whispering what a gentlemen I was… it was then when the ‘play’ started…

Before I knew it Sadie was French kissing me, as we sucked, licked and let our tongues play while Audrey was sucking on my nipple. We then swapped as I deep French kissed Audrey as our tongues intertwined and my cock standing to attention as Sadie sucked on my other nipple. Being the gentlemen and following the lead of my beautiful hosts, we took turns sucking on each other’s nipples, firstly with Audrey and me on Sadie, then vice versa.

Sadie and Audrey both started crawling down the bed towards my hard cock as Audrey asked me to slide my legs apart so both the girls had the best vantage point of giving me the best double BBBJ ever. Watching each girl kiss, suck and move their lips up and down the side of my thick cock at the same time was amazing, not to mention the ball licking and sucking, then taking turns on my cock. Feeling their wet hot mouths on my hard cock was wonderful, I was in ecstasy with my two goddesses and I was there biggest worshipper. I’m not sure how long this went for but I was in BBBJ paradise.

It was time to return the favour as Sadie then moved away from my cock, giving me an amazing French kiss as Audrey continued to suck, lick and kiss my manhood. Sadie then positioned her perfectly shaved pussy above my mouth as I began to kiss, lick and suck. I pushed my tongue in deeper and felt her get wetter and wetter as she started moaning. Sadie grinned and asked what she tasted like, with me whispering perfection. We then swapped, more French kissing as I ate out Audrey, sliding my tongue inside and gently sucking on her piercing with Audrey grinning at me as she watched me eat her out, noting how well I ate pussy. When it comes to natural oral, both these girls taste amazing, you could bottle this and make billions and I could eat them all day.

Once you become a connoisseur of Audrey & Sadie, there is no longer any substitute! The problem with a threesome is that sometimes someone misses out so I asked for a ‘daisy chain’ and somehow we all managed to be performing oral on each other. I was licking Sadie’s pussy, she was licking Audrey and Audrey was sucking my hard cock… it’s not the most comfortable position in the handbook but we somehow managed. We then moved to more deep French kissing as we shared our juices inside each other’s mouths which was bliss.

So as my cock was all wet from their saliva, it was time for sex as Sadie reached over for a condom and slowly slid it on, using her mouth to help. Sadie mounted me in cowgirl style and seeing my condom covered cock go in and out of her wet pussy was the best sight in the world and I commented that my cock was the perfect fit with her pussy. As we fucked, Audrey kissed me passionately and before I knew it, I was licking Audrey’s pussy again as Sadie kept fucking me.

It was time for Audrey as Sadie climbed off and ripped my condom off. Both girls then gave me another intense BBBJ making me super hard. On went the condom and on went Audrey as she rode my cock cowgirl. More passionate kissing with Sadie as Audrey asked if I wanted to do her doggie style… of course! Audrey positioned her ass near the edge of the bed as I slid my cock inside her pussy while she ate out Sadie. As I fucked Audrey, I noticed how wet she was getting with Sadie really enjoying the attention from her partner. Sadie whispered how much she loved seeing Audrey lick her pussy. I bent over and kissed Audrey’s back and not wanting to come yet, I held on.

Next up was doggie style with Sadie and once again my cock just slid in, both these girls feel amazing and I can’t pick a favourite. Before I started fucking Sadie, it was another condom swap and I couldn’t wait to be inside her. Watching my hard cock slide in and out of Sadie’s pussy is so intoxicating, especially seeing her dine on Audrey’s flawless pussy… add in the sounds of moaning and sighing and this was pure unadulterated pleasure. I started fucking Sadie faster and harder and bent over as I kissed her back and neck while fondling her perfect and I mean perfect tits. Once again I was close to cumming.

I then lay on the bed again as both girls started giving me another faultless BBBJ. With more deep French kissing as we shared our juices, Sadie climbed on my face again as I started working furiously on her pussy with my tongue. I kissed, sucked, licked and slid my tongue deep inside her, feeling her get wetter and wetter. Sadie was gasping and told me not to stop and go faster as we looked deep into our eyes. I felt my tongue muscles straining against her as her wetness tasted magnificent while she cummed and told me not to stop.

Audrey came up for more kissing as we all kissed together, with Audrey suggesting that I come on their tits. I walked to the side of the bed as they started jerking me off together which is another amazing feeling and Audrey whispering to me how it’s going to feel so warm on their tits which was the perfect way to end this amazing play session with these two goddesses. As I showered and dressed, I came back into the bedroom and seeing both of them in their sexy lingerie again. Considering how bad the weather was today, these two really warmed me up. I also looked at the window and wondered if anyone could see in as the blinds were half closed. If so did they get a show!

As to my activity tracker, in the one hour with Audrey and Sadie, I burnt 568 calories, had an average heart rate of 123 with a high of 159! That’s what I call a workout!
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