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Date published: February 4, 2022 at 3:32 pm
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This is the second wondrous opportunity I have had to spend time with this stunningly beautiful lady. I would have to say she certainly is one of Adelaide's best ladies I couldn't speak highly enough of her. She truly is one in a million and I am truly glad that we in South Australia can call her ours.

Audrey is something else she still has me a bit dumbfounded / shocked in the bestest of ways as to what happened in our time together, and this is days after seeing her. I still feel like I imaged our time together and it wasn't really real.

My first experience with the lovely Audrey was some time ago and was special and unique in its own right. However this time I decided to dip my toe into the dark side, and can I say if you are wishing to experiment a little or alot this is the lovely lady to do it with. She will take your hand and slowly guide you through everything while still making sure you are enjoying yourself and are comfortable. For someone like myself who believes they are very vanilla, this experience with the lovely Audrey was very eye opening. I definitely think that she has well and truly corrupted me to the dark side and I enjoyed every second of it.

Our time together was definitely filled with lots of laughter, passion, enjoyment and adventure.

I hope to definitely see this lady again if only in the hopes to make sure my prior experience with this lovely creature wasn't a dream.

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