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Date published: June 26, 2016 at 7:03 pm
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Living in QLD, I had been trying to find an opportunity to fly down to Sydney and see this
gorgeous lady for over a year: ever since I first saw her pics on the "Private Girls" site. Her beautiful blonde fringe and delicious derriere induced me to check out her Twitter feed, and I started following her from that moment on. I felt drawn to this intriguing lady. She loves photo shoots with various sexy outfits/costumes.

An attempt to book her when in Sydney last year fell through. I felt so disappointed, though Aria kindly sent me an autographed copy of her "Picture" mag spread as a consolation. My next opportunity to get to Sydney this year was successful. We finally met in
person after she stayed on the line and helped me navigate my way to her apartment.

Boy, was I in for a pleasant surprise!. She looked just as stunning as what I beheld in her pics. Seductive blonde fringe, taut bod, beaming smile. She wore lingerie that had sexy bands of black around her torso plus sinful black stockings with (I think?) love-hearts trailing up her
calves. That glorious booty was in fine view, the one which I had told her was the "holy grail of arses", and for which I had made the quest :) .

She greeted me in a disarming and warm way, and put me at my ease quickly. She did not at all display the 'diva' kind of attitude that I have seen with some high-end escorts. Her conversation and curiosity throughout my session indicated to me that she was interested in

After some entertaining banter whilst getting the formalities out of the way, she led me to the shower for some very soapy fun. I got to soap her boobs and booty quite a bit (who wouldn't) and give her a quick shoulder massage in the process, which she appreciated. In return, she rubbed her back and backside up & down me amongst other moves, as if marking me with her scent, to show how keen she was to be touched and further explored. As I was towelling off, she made a costume change into colourful skimpy bikinis, then we proceeded straight to the boudoir.

She wasted no time going down on me and teasing and licking me in a multitude of approaches. My cock felt as if light lashes and licks were coming from all directions, and my moans and sighs were accumulating. I was concerned she might be tiring herself after having been in the kneeling position for a while. However she assured me she loved going down on a guy and could do it just about all day.

I got to the point where I indicated that I was 'getting close' and wanted to go doggiestyle on
her. Then a shade of her BDSM side came out, as she teasingly boomed back at me: "You will cum when I tell you too!". How could any guy not yield to such authority and say "Yes, Mistress Luxe" as I did. She can be quite cheeky.... Shortly after that, I masturbated my erection whilst she stripped off and prepared herself for docking. The sight of her on all fours, her eyes teasing mine, was too much. Within seconds of entering her, the "ahh's" and "ohh's" burst out of my mouth accompanied by spurting my load inside the condom. I felt I had let her down, but she swiftly assured me I hadn't. She probably even took it as a compliment that she had overwhelmed me so much so soon LOL.

After that crescendo, we chatted for a while about each other and about life. I was astonished at her life experiences so far, and she seemed curious to know more about me. Plus I felt encouraged to do vocal impressions and wisecracks for her, as she has a very inviting laugh and can be funny herself... which only invited me to wisecrack more. I swear she has an actress inside of her, which would serve her well in escort work.
Am glad I booked her for 2 hours. One hour would clearly not have been enough. If I had booked her for three, I would have SOooooo wanted to give back to her.... via an erotic massage, or going down on her, whatever. As it turned out, conversation seemed almost as rewarding, followed by another (quick) shower. It didn't concern her that we were running a wee bit overtime.

To sum up, this lady is not just a magnificent escort, but an encounter not to be missed. Hands down, the best GFE experience I have had to date. For the nervous types, I would say...please don't feel intimidated by her stunning beauty or quick mind. The best way to benefit from a visit to her would be to leave any prejudices & preconceived ideas at the door.... and just go along
for the ride (especially on her backside :) ). Her lovely persona does not fit into any pigeonhole. I certainly hope to see her again.
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