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Date published: November 21, 2015 at 1:49 am
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As soon as I found out that Aria was finally coming to my State, I just had to make a booking. I got in early, and I am certainly glad I did as Aria booked out quite quickly ( no surprises there though!). The booking was handled smoothly and efficiently, and any questions I had or ideas I wanted to run past were answered promptly and enthusiastically. I have been friends/acquaintances with Aria for some time, after initially finding her and connecting with her on social media. She is very engaging, easy to talk with, lovely and sweet, but also with just the right amount of cheekiness and naughtiness :) . But of course what first grabbed my attention was her beautiful pics and photos - check out her Twitter and you will know what I mean! I could not wait to finally see her in the flesh.

The night finally arrived, and I was asked to buzz the room number and let Aria know I was there. She came down to greet me and, as the lift doors opened and she walked towards me.......WOW!! What an incredible sight. If you think Aria's pictures are amazing, wait until you see her in person. She is even more beautiful and gorgeous than her photos suggest. She was wearing a short sexy dress that stopped well above her knees, highlighting her shapely legs and showing off her wonderful curves to perfection. The dress hugged her slim sexy body. She greeted me with a warm embrace and a brief kiss, giving me a taste of what pleasures lay ahead.

Once inside the room, nice conversation flowed as we shared a drink (non-alcoholic) and had a little catch up. We then slid our arms around each other and shared our first real kiss of the evening. Aria's lips are soft and warm and inviting and she really is an amazing passionate kisser, giving just the right amount of tongue. We progressed to the bedroom where my clothes magically seemed to disappear. After a little bit of a struggle, I eventually removed Aria's extremely tight dress revealing a skimpy bra and g string. These were soon discarded, freeing her incredible boobs and delicious fully waxed pussy.

It quickly became clear that Aria is a very cheeky companion, but also very attentive and intuitive. She seemingly knows exactly what you desire and how to push your buttons at the right time (or she did to me anyway). A floor to ceiling mirror right beside the bed was certainly used to great effect. She was just a tease in the most delightful way, bringing out her cheeky/naughty side - a number of times she had me on the verge, only to back off and prolong the sensation. And the way she moved around the bedroom, apparently suggestively swinging and swaying her hips on various occasions, especially when she changed into her "naughty little red riding hood costume". The perfect end to the night was the sharing of a soapy steamy shower.

Aria certainly takes great pride and delight in giving you the utmost pleasure and the most enjoyable experience she possibly can. Her "motto" - your pleasure is my business - certainly sums Aria up and is a true reflection of her. However, she is obviously not adverse to receiving pleasure herself, and absolutely totally loves what she does.
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