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Date published: November 20, 2015 at 8:25 pm
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Batgirl & Wonder Woman.... A 90min 3-some 2 kill 4. Book it Now guys

What better way to spend a rainy friday than by booking batgirl????? When I arrived at the Bat Cave Batgirl told me she had a suprise for me. She grabbed me by the cock and led me in to her boudoir. Standing infront of me was Wonder Woman.....what a site Bat Girl and Wonder Woman together with the same thing in mind.

As soon as I got out of the shower Batgirl took the lead. Batgirl tied my hands with rope, then started to lick my shaft while Wonder Woman put her tits in my mouth and blindfolded me. before I knew it i had 2 mouths and tounges working magic on my cock and balls..... #Blow Job of the year #luckybastard.... next thing I knew I had aria kissing me all the way up my body until she had mounted me and started humping my face while Wonder Woman (aka: Piper Jackson) was fighting crime between my legs.

Still Blindfolded the girls swapped places and Wonder Woman fucked me in the face grinding her ass and pussy all over my tounge. Meanwhile Batgirl turned it up a notch and grabbed the camera while riding my cock.... Check out AriasTwitter for the Photo.

Wonder Woman took off the blindfold and untied my hands so I could finger blast her ass while dining at the Y. Now that my hands were free I tore Wonder Womans outfit off her and turned her around to face Batgirl. The 2 girls made out with each other while Batgirl fucked me and Wonder Woman sat on my face.

New Challenge.... Wonder Woman wanted to ride..... and Ride she did, she fucked me hard. her firm titties looked amazing as her tite fit body slammed up and down on my shaft. Batgirl couldnt resist her tits and neither could I. We took a nipple each and Wonder Woman didnt hold back. Everything was getting done, so Batgirl decided to stick something in my ass and blast me while i was nailing Wonder Woman.

We were having a great session...... both girls were kneeling on the end of the bed with there ass' in the air so after a quick feast on each it was time for Batgirl to take it from behind, She backed onto it with vigour while she sucked on wonder Womans clit. Super Heroes have talent.

Wonder Woman was next to take cock in doggy. Batgirl was behind me kissing me, carressing me and playing with ass and balls while I pumped Wonder Woman. Batgirl was telling me to fill her with my cum and to blow inside her. With a Pussy as tite as Wonder Woman has that was not going to be too far away..... especially with what Batgirl was doing behind me...... the session was finished perfectly as suggested by Batgirl a 3 person spa bath and make-out session.

How better to spend a rainy Friday afternoon??? Simple....you just fuckin' cant.
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