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Date published: November 5, 2015 at 5:40 pm
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My wife and I had been speaking about a threesome with another woman for some time. I suggested that we invite someone to join us for her 40th birthday night. After searching extensively we found Aria's profile and made contact. Aria was quick to reply and happy to help fulfill our fantasies.

Below are 2 reviews, one from my wife's point of view and one from mine...

Mrs. R

It was a special birthday for me last week and my husbands gift to me was something to share- a night with Aria Luxe- our first threesome experience

As my birthday approached my nerves were building, it's a daunting thought sharing your bed and your husband with such a beautiful girl

The night finally arrived and I was sent down to the lobby to meet our play date ... With a stomach full of butterflies 

The lift doors opened and Aria greeted me with a smile and a hug and a thoughtful birthday gift.. and we made our way up to the room. 
Hubby poured us all a drink and we had a few minutes to talk and get acquainted, when he went to get the bottle to top up our glasses Aria sweetly requested I join her on the bed...
Within minutes I was swept away with passionate kisses and tender hands, I glanced over at my husband who had prime position watching from the couch as my lingerie came off.
 Looking down my body and seeing Aria looking up at me while her tongue worked her magic left no more room for nerves....
After she brought me to climax a couple of times, it was time for hubby to join us... 
The next few hours were an amazing experience, Aria is extremely generous with her affections... I was kissing my hubby and looking down to see her pleasuring him, guiding him into me whilst using her tongue on me.... Her hands massaging us both, I was going down on her returning the favour whilst she eagerly paid hubby some attention - all wonderful!

We suggested bringing out some toys we had brought along and Aria was most obliging, with the night culminating in living out a fantasy of mine, with Aria wearing a strap on I straddled her and had both of them inside me at the same time...

Our time together came to an end, however Aria did not rush to leave and we laid together for some time after chatting and enjoying the afterglow...
So my birthdays gone, and what a wonderful gift...
Christmas is just around the corner... ;)

Mr R.....

So staring from when my wife brought Aria to the room. They walked in and straight a way we felt at ease.
After a drink and a chat Aria invited my wife into the bed. I sat back and watched as my beautiful wife and Aria started to kiss and caress each other bodies. Aria started to undress my wife as she kissed her. Every now and then my wife would look at me watching them. I could have watched for hours as Aria worked her way down on my wife. You could see that definitely knew her way around my wife's body by the my wife was moving and moaning with pleasure.
When I was invited up on the bed, Aria and I both kissing and going down on my wife before Aria moved down and took me in her mouth. When my wife went down to join her I was in every mans heaven (well I was probably there the whole night).
From there Aria guided me inside my wife and continued to kiss and caress her while she rode me, eventually going down on my wife will I was still inside her.
As our time together continued on Aria was happy fulfill any desires my wife had such as my wife going down on her, Her wearing a strap on to use on my wife while I used the wand on her now very sensitive clit and finally to DPing my wife (my wife on top riding Aria's strap on with me from behind)

The night was more than we expected.

For us it wasn't just about how gorgeous Aria is, or how good the sex was. It was about the whole experience with Aria. From her initial contact via email, to the txt on the morning of, to when she met my wife at the elevator with a birthday cup cake and a big hug, to when she walked in the room and had us both feeling right at ease, to how she playfully called my wife into the bed with her, to how she made sure my wife was always the centre attention (while still ensuring I was very happy), to how she didn't rush off when our time was up but instead laid on the bed besides my wife lightly running her hands over her body (me doing the same in the other side) and just chatting.

As my wife pointed out in her review, this won't be the last time we meet with Aria.
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