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Date published: November 1, 2015 at 4:29 pm
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Aria Luxe - too good to be true... but she actually is...

So kids, I was innocently searching the internet for some brownie recipes (mostly not weed-related) when next thing I know I'm emailing Aria Luxe, this unexpected vision of utter hotness, telling her my deepest, darkest fantasies because, you know, this is Australia and I can do whatever the hell I want. In your face Kim Jong-un (I know you're lurking here you dirty bastard).

Just imagine my figurative boner when she emailed me back, enthusiastically endorsing my desires with a huge cyber smile at the thought of hosting me for a session of debauchery. This beautiful babe is the Michael Jordan of WL professionalism in my reasonable experience - communicative, open-minded, light-hearted (did I mention she's hotter than a fiery plane wreck in Uluru at Christmas...? Because... well, she is...).

So, we smoothly arrange a date for a few days later. I arrive to meet the most gorgeous, friendly and sexy woman I've possibly ever encountered (yes, it's Aria I'm talking about, try to keep up). She also thought I was the sexiest man she's ever seen - I may have dreamt that bit, did a lot of drugs back when, but I'm going with it. Anyway, she perfectly played her role - Batgirl has never been hotter, apologies to that 60's chick on the show - and I have to say the hour was right up there with when Aloisi hit that penalty goal in '06 to put us into the World Cup Finals (screw you Italy, you diving, cheating scum).

The role play was unbelievable. She was a total knockout... ;-)

The chances of me not going back are about on the same level as the leaders of Islamic State coming out in a sheepish press conference and confessing that they may have gone slightly over the top with all this shit. Aria is an A+ in every conceivable way. And no, she didn't seductively convince me to write this endorsement, it's all straight from the heart... and crotch.

Do yourself a favour, and book this awesome goddess. Just don't try to book the same time as me, mother-@#$%!... although I'm not saying I mightn't be a little curious as to where that would lead, cowboy... no pressure...

Aria, they should name some kind of award after you baby... oh, wait...

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