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Date published: June 6, 2017 at 9:20 am
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So you've seen Annaleise's pictures, read her introduction, possibly visited her twitter account & now your reading her reviews & debating if you should spend your hard earned pennies on a booking with Annaleise. So let me help & answer a few questions that might be passing through your head.

How was the booking process with Annaleise ?.

My enquiry & the correspondence leading up to our rendezvous was answered promptly, politely, respectfully & with a dose of cheeky fun from Annaleise.

Are the pictures you see a accurate reflection of Annaleise in person ?

It might sound cliched & it might have been written a 1,000 different times before about a 1,000 different ladies but the pictures you see don't do justice to the lady. Annaleise has a body full of curves in all the right places, that God designed in my opinion purely for the pleasure of others, a smile that lights up the room & eyes that sparkle with the alluring personality that lies beneath her physical blessings.

What is Annaleise like as a person ?.

In my three hour interlude with Annaleise conversation flowed freely & easily, it was like talking to a old friend & not someone who I was meeting for the first times. What nerves I had were put at ease quickly by Annaleise's genuineness & warmth. After saying goodbye & reflecting back on the encounter & the lady I found myself thinking that the true beauty of Annaleise is what lies beneath the physical attractions.

What about the adult activities?.

As a gentleman or at least someone who likes to think of himself as gentleman I won't go into the specific details. I'll just say that in the quieter moments during the week leading up to the encounter my thoughts would drift to these moments and I would imagine the adult activities that would happen between myself & Annaleise. Now my friends say I have a fairly active & creative imagination but when it came to the reality of experiencing the adult activities with Annaleise I realised that my imagination didn't even come close to imagining of the pleasures that Annaleise shared with me.

Would you see Annaleise again & would you recommend her to any potential clients ?

Absolutely on both counts. Annaleise is a beautiful person both on the inside & outside. The encounter from the first text to the last goodbye was fun, pleasurable & highly memorable & if you like to spend time with a lady who is fun, sexy as hell, possess a beautiful mind, has a good heart & could lead The Pope into temptation then Annaleise is your lady. I would lastly say just two things 1) bring a defibrillator with you, as you might need it & 2) you will find yourself hooked on her company.

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