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Date published: October 25, 2016 at 10:38 pm
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Annaleise was on my bucket list from the moment I saw her on twitter. My first encounter with her was with a girl friend of mine Amber, who had expressed interest in meeting her during a random conversation. Of course I was very keen for the three of us to have some fun together so I messaged Annaleise and arranged a booking while she was on tour in Canberra. Amber is bi sexual and has had previous threesomes where the escort claimed to be bisexual but turned out to be a phoney! I guarantee that there was nothing fake about Annaleise! From the moment we entered the room there was an immediate bond between the three of us. We got some initial chit chat out of the way and took to the shower..... well it was straight into it with the two girls! Hot and Steamy!!! After I joined them in the shower for a few minutes we took to the bed and it was a dream come true! I sat back and watched the girls get to know each other (in more ways than one), they giggled like two little school girls and enjoyed teasing me for a while.

Then the focus was on me...... it was above any expectation I had going into the booking. Hot, passionate, mind blowing sex! Multiple positions on Annaleise and when I wasn't fucking her she was kissing me passionately or playing with my balls which were 'balls' deep in Amber!

My highlight was when Annaleise demanded that I fuck her from behind. While I was pounding her from behind she was eating out Amber who was enjoying it immensly! Whilst coming up for air Annaleise demanded that I fuck her harder and harder and harder....... let's just say that my glutes were sore for three days after! The view of her magnificent booty panning up to her long blonde hair in between Amber's thighs and then the look in Amber's eyes as all three of us orgasmed was the moment I will remember forever! I truely felt like I was a rockstar!

This first encounter was in January 2016. It's now October and I have seen Annaleise more than a dozen times since! Her PSE blowjob is unmatched! Our bookings have ranged from 1 hour to overnights and weekends! She is smart, funny and incredibly sexy! The kind of girl who you can comfortably hang out with inbeteeen ultimate fuck sessions! It's always a pleasure seeing Annaleise and I count down the days till I get to see her again!

P.S Amber was over the moon too, she recommends Annaleise to any female who is genuinely bi or maybe just a little curious.......
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