testimonials for Annaleise Haschen

Date published: December 13, 2015 at 11:08 pm
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I've come to the conclusion that the divine Ms Haschen completely redefines pleasure. I've also come to realise that Annaleise has reset the benchmark for pleasure and great sex.

My most recent rendezvous with Annaleise was two days ago, and I am now realising that this new benchmark has consequences for me. It is a standard I fear other women cannot match. Food has lost flavour. Activities I found fun and enjoyable seem less amusing.

Which is why I am writing this review as a tale of caution. I suspect this sensational woman is simply too much pure pleasure for most men. She’s too good, and gorgeous, and erotic for me. I suspected this truth before I saw her the first time, but I tried my luck anyway. Arrogant and hedonistic I saw her a second time, and now a third. I believe addiction has taken hold, and like any other addict I’m suffering withdrawal symptoms. Gaining a brief relief of symptoms if Annaleise posts another picture of herself on her twitter account.

I remain but a husk of my normal self until Annaleise comes to town again, and I see her so that she can restore my happiness and reinvigorate my soul.
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