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Date published: October 2, 2015 at 3:57 am
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This is the third time I saw this gorgeous, sexy and lovely Annaleise. After several misses in our paths of life, we finally made a time to meet. I arrived 15 min earlier in case of difficult parking and waited outside her hotel in an inner south suburb. I texted her about my arrival and made clear that I was early so she had no need to rush. In a matter of a minute, she text back “come up now dear, room ##”. I was overjoyed and took a lift sprinting to her room.

Beautiful, bubbly and smiling Annaleise opened the door and immediately we hugged tightly and kissed like old friends. Finally, we made it! We chatted a bit to catch up some light stories. I then volunteered to have a quick shower. Her signature red flower pyjama in her twitter photos was hanging in the bathroom. When I returned, Annaleise had changed from her body hugging blue flower dress to sexy black lingerie, smiling at me in bed. We DFKed long and hard as if savouring what we have missed since last time.

Annaleise moved down to give me a mind-blowing blow job with attention to the sacks that I have shaved for her in the morning. Was very sensational! I had to call a cease fire in case my liquid fire would rush out of control. Then I offered a full body service to Annaleise, from her full sized boobies to her well shaved volcano pot. She thoroughly enjoyed my DATY combined with finger massage and gave me so much vocal music and “dirty talks” along the way. She was so loud that I was even afraid of attracting the attention of the hotel staff! I was so encouraged to do it with all my oral skills. I could have dined there until dinner time.

Mutual oral and GS that followed was beyond this stupid world too. When we both felt that union was imminent, she donned a raincoat for me and rode on like a reverse cowgirl. The full view of our union was sensational. I enjoyed it so much that no other positions were attempted before my liquid fire burnt out. I felt like in heaven.

We cleaned up and had a bit of catching up again. She told me that she enjoyed this occupation more than just for the money. She was the second lady expressed that she liked to do it well because the punters deserved their hard earned cash! She commented that this is an expensive hobby! What a thoughtful lady she is. This probably explains why she sometimes run specials. Through this conversation Annaleise wins even more respect as a genuine and down to earth lady beyond being sexy and fun company. She likes her work and does it extremely well with conscience.

I feel really lucky to meet Annaleise and will catch up with her more in the future.

Thanks, Annaleise

Lee, September 2015
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