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Date published: July 7, 2018 at 8:01 am
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Having purchased tickets to visit Sexpo on it’s return to Sydney this year we decided it was time that we treated ourselves to a night out and have a bit of fun too. Hotel booked we ventured onto the Scarlet Blue site and quickly both agreed to contact Annaleise to seek a booking for our next “date night”. A delightful and positive response was received a few hours later and over the next two weeks a few mire messages were exchanged to ensure all boundaries and expectations were understood by all three of us.

The evening arrived and Annaleise messaged to say she was on her way. Sitting nervously in the lobby as Annaleise arrived we were both quickly relaxed by her genuine nature and great humour. Moving up to our room we spent a little more time chatting, getting to know about each other and relaxing our nerves, soon after which Annaleise excused herself to freshen up.

Returning to the bedroom in a beautiful lingerie set it was not long before Annaleise ensured our clothes were left on the floor and all three of us were on the bed. There was also an impromptu experiment during the removal of Annaleise’s lingerie that clearly proved a woman is far more adept at unhooking a clasp on a suspender belt than a man.

Starting with lots of kissing and playing between the ladies it wasn’t long before all three of us were entwined and a wonderful few hours of sensuality, sex, fun and laughs, a genuinely fantastic time. Whether it was the initial uninhibited woman on woman action, or the competitive nature of both ladies to see who could induce the first male “completion”, we were both sexually satisfied by the end of our time together.

After seeing Annaleise safely to her transport home, and with her encouragement and endorsement still fresh, we headed back to explore Sexpo a little more resulting in a surprising photo opportunity for us both.

Annaleise was the perfect companion to join us in a bedroom adventures. A naturally beautiful curvaceous woman with a wicked sense of humour and a genuinely caring heart, our time with Annaleise will be remembered fondly for so many wonderful reasons.

Thank you or contributing so perfectly to our weekend and positively to our ongoing journey. Hope we have the privilege to meet you again in the future.

Hugs and kisses from us both
P and N
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