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Date published: June 27, 2018 at 10:18 am
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After scrolling through the pages of multiple internet sites looking for the right lady, the light flashed and the alarm went off when I read the profile of Annaleise, she had me at “a modern day Marilyn Monroe.”

Summoning up the courage to make the initial correspondence I was greeted with a very encouraging response. A couple of emails later a date, time, duration and appointment type was set. All my questions were answered promptly and with an oh so cheeky tone which eased the tension.

The evening arrived, my heart racing at the speed of an out of control Indy 500 racer as she was my birthday present to myself. We meet in the lobby of my hotel at the agreed time and all the tension and anxiety disappeared. From there we went to the room ordered some food and began chatting like long lost friends, me feeling totally at ease.

Then Miss Anna got that look in her eyes and before long we were engaging in some very sensual contact and other adult activities. From there you can let your imagination run wild, really really wild. Several hours passed and we finally slumped into each other’s arms again and went off into the most wonderful slumber. That was 2015. Since that initial tryst there have been 7 or 8 more such encounters since including concerts and lunches, each better than the last.

The most recent of those was only last Saturday night which involved a fantastic dinner at a leading Sydney restaurant and Anna's very special dessert menu at her inner-City apartment. After dinner as always we chatted like old friends but when she got the look in her beautiful blue eyes I knew a storm was brewing and it was time to batten down the hatches. After several hours of much explicit activity and sweating on a cold winter evening we fell asleep and never stirred til late the next morning. A fantastic breakfast at one of her local favourite's was followed by more alone time and more activity, before our encounter ended.

Before parting ways we locked in the dates for our next encounter, birthday bash number 4. If the previous three were anything to go by fireworks are assured even on a cold winter night by the sea.

Counting the hours until we can become old friends and other things again.

Thanks Annaleise
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