testimonials for Alyssa Forde

Date published: July 21, 2016 at 5:29 pm
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I had the pleasure of Alyssa's company for a lunch date followed by some private time in my hotel room.

Alyssa is great company. She's intelligent, with wide-ranging interests, and seems to find it easy to follow conversation and contribute with her own anecdotes, knowledge and ideas.

She's also beautiful and has a gently intimate manner that put my nerves at ease. Our lunch together was an exceptionally pleasant experience.

In the hotel room Alyssa took a moment to change into something more comfortable. When she joined me on the bed she was wearing just a lacy bra and panties and I was just about speechless. Her figure is breath-taking. She's slender and fit with wonderful breasts.

Our private time together could hardly have been better. Alyssa was able to tune into me well and was easy to talk to about sex. She suggested telling me some stories of her own sexual exploits, which was fun and a real turn-on.

I am disabled for walking, and not agile in bed. Alyssa made all of that no problem at all, and never made me feel limited or rushed. My time with her was truly memorable.
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