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Date published: May 10, 2018 at 2:59 pm
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Allie grows more beautiful in your presence. And to put that in perspective, when you meet her, expect a little heart-skips-beat gasp (in a good way). But it's when you chat, when you’re held, when you kiss, when she moves, that JUST how beautiful the girl within that toned and tiny heart-skips-beat package really IS becomes apparent.

I swear she looks like an actress, although I’m struggling to pinpoint who. Names have sprung to mind, but I’ve Googled images and thought, “Nup, Allie’s prettier" (and, if I may say it, hotter). So, to give you some idea, think of whichever impossibly cute, late teens/early 20s blonde you had a crush on in any TV series or movie. Imagine the door opening to her, but she’s not only lovelier and prettier, she’s more approachable. You’re with Allie.

Expect a sharp, inquisitive mind, a caring heart, a seemingly endless smile and a body that will leave you breathless (figuratively at first, and then literally ;) ).

And expect that initial, heart-skips-beat gasp to only hint at how lovely she’ll make you feel. (In every way. Every word of her ‘About me’ is true.)
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