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Date published: March 28, 2019 at 3:32 pm
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“..Let them eat cake.." said Marie Antoinette played by Kirsten Dunst. This is who I though Alexis look like when I rushed to make a booking, but in life there is a lot of Scarlet Johansson in the mix. They say that “I love you” in French means “let me suck on your bottom leap” I can tell you that this is exactly what I have experienced in the first 30 seconds of our date. Passionate kissing is only a very minor thing that Alexis does with passion. This girl loves life wth passion and all pleasures that life offers, she loves experiences, conversations, moments, travel, wine, food, and all this need to be extreme and fool of pleasure. Is there any other way to live? Besides the delicious intimate moments that we had, after 2 bottles of Champaign I knew that I am in a company of a special lady. I mean, someone who understands that gastronomy is a sexual experience has this incredible ability to take ‘giving and receiving pleasure’ to the next level. If you call yourself a connoisseur of pleasure, you need to put Alex’s on your menu. I don’t normally write a review after the first date. This time I made an exception.
Can’t wait to play in the kitchen soon.. xx
Peter T.
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