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Date published: September 25, 2017 at 7:30 pm
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Massage Day

Not long ago, Alexia and I had another massage day. We also have one booked for my birthday in a month and one more planned for when she returns from overseas. Anticipation, like Alexia, is addictive.

More than the caress of their fingers and the goosebumps on your skin, some people can touch you with what they think and how they feel. Those people touch you deeply and they make you realise you can care as well as want, because they care about the people they meet.

There are many different types of touches during a massage day. Over breakfast and lunch while we savour our meals, we talk about our lives - past, present and future. I’m glad we’ve become friends. I have no secrets from Alexia and I trust her with who I hope to be and even with what I hope to forget. The food is so good that we’ve occasionally been known to lick our plates and the company is so good that we often lose track of time and have to rush to get to our massage! We have our favourite masseuses who know how to relax us completely. It’s bliss and there needs to be more A’s in relaaaaax to do it justice. Looking across at Alexia while I’m in that state of mind always makes me smile, always makes me grateful.

Afterwards we go to Alexia’s home where I always feel welcome. It reflects her personality and is both stylish and warm. Our time together is unhurried as the intensity builds. There’s time for those caresses and goosebumps I mentioned. There’s time for whispers and smiles. There’s happiness - and peace.

Massage days touch my mind, body and spirit. Although the meals are delicious and the massage is amazing it’s Alexia who makes the day memorable. She’s comfortable reading poetry or dancing to Metallica. She’s flown, zip-lined and swum with me on adventures and held me silently when I mourned my Dad. She’s never judged me and always supported me. She’s equal parts Lieutenant Debra Morgan, Snuffleupagus, dog whisperer and confidante. I am very lucky to have met Alexia and I will feel very lucky when I see her again. Although Alexia is confident and strong, she’s modest. If I read this to her she would probably look away, embarrassed.

Thank you Alexia for every moment over the last two years - the ones together as well as the ones in between.

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