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Date published: November 11, 2016 at 5:15 pm
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During the last twelve months I’ve learned to appreciate Alexia’s insight and kindness and our visits are special to me. So special that it was five months ago when I asked Alexia to celebrate something with me last week. The plan was simple: a couple’s massage in the morning, followed by lunch and then a private afternoon of each other’s company.

Five months of anticipation and then what an absolutely amazing day we had!! I arrived at Alexia’s and the day started with her beautiful smile. She was lovely in a white dress and high heels (and a gorgeous purple cardigan!). We headed into town to catch up on the last couple of weeks over breakfast. Our conversation jumped around like conversations do when you’re with a trusted friend who knows you well. Alexia is intelligent, fun, fascinating and sophisticated. We were still chatting happily long after breakfast was finished. Heads turned as we left, Alexia brightened the restaurant.

Our massage was only an elevator away so we could take our time getting ready. Under Alexia’s open robe, her skin was peaches and cream perfection - she is beautifully toned, feminine and graceful. For an incredible hour we were oiled and spoiled completely. Afterwards, relaxing by the pool, sometimes we laughed and sometimes we were serious. The subject of having positive influences in our lives came up and I realised Alexia has influenced me - it was a lovely thought.

We went back to the restaurant for lunch although I have no idea how long we were there or what my meal tasted like. I remember how special Alexia made me feel. I also remember thinking how good it was to talk with someone I admired and respected. I hope the food was delicious because the company was the finest. When lunch was over we went back to Alexia’s for an afternoon of just us.

Alexia’s home suits her, it’s warm and very welcoming (so is Velvetina, her beautiful puppy!). Being able to be myself with Alexia was the best possible celebration. It gave me a chance to say thank you, something I should do more often. Gradually our words became softer and there were more and more touches. Alexia knows me as well physically as she does emotionally. She brings out the warmth I feel for her and touches every nerve in my body with it until the only sounds are our breathing and whispered encouragements. She held me until everything was still. In the quiet afterwards, there’s always something new to talk about. It was a relaxed, peaceful time after such an exciting day. When it was time for it to end I looked into her eyes once more, Alexia has lovely eyes.

I wish I could say properly to Alexia how special she made the day. It was so much more than I could have hoped for. It’s rare to look forward to someone’s company more as time goes on. I am very fortunate to have met Alexia and I hope my good luck charm brings more of her charming company.

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