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Date published: August 14, 2016 at 6:29 pm
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I’m a regular client of Alexia’s. Writing that made me smile, her other regulars will understand :) We’ve known each other almost a year and I recently realised that you don’t “get used to” seeing Alexia. Booking in advance I still feel the anticipation for days. On the day, I take my time getting ready (I like to look my best for her), but I’m full of adrenalin on the drive over. By the time I get to Alexia’s, I’m smiling - I feel very, very good.

You get the idea? Her welcoming smile is the start of something special. She is lovely, so stylish, beautiful to the eyes and the emotions. Up close, the scent of Agent Provocateur or an Oud welcomes me, it’s sensuous and bold, perfect for her. Alexia knows the effect it has on me, that she has on me.

We share touches. Not just the ones that are none of your business; That bring a cheeky smile to Alexia’s face because she knows I can’t resist; That make her squeeze my arms and whisper to me; That I thought I’d never feel again.

Other touches too: Alexia’s hand on my chest while she asks a question; Her arms around my neck, whispered breath on my ear; Holding hands, entwined, voices quiet; The best touches I don’t know how to describe. Moments of intimacy and insight where we can just be in the moment.

I treasure our touches.

Review sounds like judgment, I don’t want to know what a review of me would look like :) These are just thoughts from someone who sees Alexia - and she has seen ME.
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