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Date published: January 17, 2017 at 4:17 pm
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This is going to be a frank and honest review about my encounter with Aaliyah Dell' Aqua.

I have lived a relatively sheltered sex life....only being intimate with the few girlfriends I have had in my earlier years. So for me personally, I have to enjoy spending time with the person and not just their body.
Consequently I was quite nervous about seeing a high class courtesan which was exacerbated by the fact that I tend to over analyse and think too much!
Thoughts of how much are she really enjoying it? How much is it a put on? How I stack up to the other more experienced guys? Am I relatively boring for her? All added to the pressure I put on myself.

Anyway, Aaliyah does know how to put a person at ease, and just seems comfortable with people - she is a fantastic conversationalist and we had a lot of things in common to chat about.
Aaliyah has loads of self-confidence, and her communication is first class.

On reflection, for Aaliyah, I think it is all about "The Journey".
The Journey started with our emails - she was interested in knowing me and what I was looking to get out of the experience - I was so impressed the way she put her thinking cap on and started planning our time together 3 days before our appointment...choosing the strawberries and selecting where to buy the tasty treats for our afternoon tea together.

A lot of our afternoon is a blur, but I do get flashes of memories.....Aaliyah's flawless milky smooth skin gliding beneath my fingers as I gave her a massage, the wonderful curves of her body, and her natural soft gorgeous breasts...it was a true girlfriend experience...and as an added surprise to me, she introduced a toy into our time together...I can still remember the taste of her as she approached climax ....before I got the fright of my life as she suddenly jumped up off the bed and pulled a condom out so that she could climax with me in her!
And what perfect timing it was, as we climaxed and reached the half way point of our "journey" together!

As I lay blissfully at the half way summit, Aaliyah went and prepared our yummy sweet treats, cut up into bite size portions spoiling me by placing half in my mouth as she bit off the other half... I still remember our lips touching with each bite! Aaliyah is a true courtesan who will tempt, tantalise, seduce and satisfy you.... not because you pay her to, but because she likes and wants to!

After rehydrating and re-energising ourselves with food, Aaliyah was quickly into 69 position as I lay on my back.
I am a tactile type of person and love to be able to kiss and touch - so maybe it was feasting on her tasty pussy, or maybe it was her technique (something special...and am not sure if a trade secret), or both, but it was becoming clear that I was building up another load!
Aaliyah wanted me to cum on her gorgeous breasts and was determined to get there!
Oh the joy that she got from getting me there brings a smile to my face even now!!
We lay naked for the remainder chatting until I realised 2.5 hrs was up.
I could not believe how quickly it went and told Aaliyah, "I don't want to go!!”
To which Aaliyah casually responded, "well you don't have to go... not yet anyway.......”
I knew I didn't have another shot in me, but I also knew I had not yet reached the end of "My Journey" with Aaliyah (Aaliyah the person and not the body) - Aaliyah's company is intoxicating! So I paid her for another 45min - She is a fantastic conversationalist, and oozes sexuality. She's incredibly funny and smart (completing her university studies) - and obviously only does this work because she enjoys it.

Eventually, I knew I had reached my destination and "My Journey" was complete.

The whole afternoon was amazing, sociable, erotic, relaxing and most of all fun.
Aaliyah is classy, attractive and most importantly for me, a fun person to be with.
Would I see Aaliyah again?
You betcha !

- Will
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