testimonials for Aaliyah Dell'aqua

Date published: February 27, 2016 at 3:07 am
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I read a very good review about Aaliyah not long time ago and decided to see her during her tour. A time was easily made after a few SMS on the day. We confirmed the service with an extra $100 for golden shower (GS).

I arrived at her apartment under her guidance and met this beautiful lady just as appeared on the ad, except not blurred. Aaliyah had very pretty face and fair skin of Swedish heritage. She was very bubbly and inviting just like a long time friend. She led me to an inner room where I delivered my donation. After a shower we were in each other’s arms hugging and kissing passionately.

She guided my hands to her natural D breasts and immediately nipples erected. When she stripped down to nothing left, I had a nice feeding on her breast. DATY followed with her strong feminine fragrance oozing out. I diluted it out a bit with more saliva and finger strokes. As a return, she gave me a sensual oral with ball licking and lots of eye contact. I was amazed with her spontaneous enticing dirty talk like a running comment as things moving along. That was amazing music to ears that you do not often hear. She constantly hydrates herself for the planned GS and sometime feed me a little too. What a feeling! The GS experience under normal shower was fabulous! We then had a bubbling shower for two before retiring to bed to continue our play.

She enjoyed CG a lot but had to stop short to avoid premature explosion on my side, so we changed to MISH when I could enjoy her facial expression. Her honey pot gave me a very tight fit so the feeling was overwhelming. Our time ran out and I could not be bothered to shower again just to keep her fragrance lingering a bit longer. She was not a time watcher. She was enthusiastic and very easy to have a conversation. I will try to see her again to expand our repertoire of activities!

Thanks Aaliyah!
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