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Date published: July 19, 2019 at 5:19 pm
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"I was recently in Canberra for work and was looking to explore a MMF. I saw Aaliyah's profile that she has a bull friend she can arrange a MMF with, the first request wasn't able to happen due to his extensive travel, but the second time around we all got lucky with me being more organised.
I know that you only live once so why not?
We organised our meeting time a week or 2 ahead and the anticipation killed me.
On the day I turned up to see her with her bull friend already waiting for me at the welcoming incall.
I earlier informed Aaliyah to dress up in a sexy secretary outfit, a role she truly plays so well.
After a quick shower and exchange, it was down to business with our sexy secretary, whom He and I had to fight her with our weapons to show her who she should be spending time in the office with most and exchange those lunchtime coffees for our good stuff.
And by the end of our hrs long session she was pretty well dick drunk!
If you are looking for a mmf experience with an athletic chocolate bull, I recommend Aaliyah and her friend.
Put it this way, you will think be comfortable around them like friends, but not prepared for how hot it can get, you will think you are walking in on them in their own bedroom!
I certainly will be back for more of where that came from and you'd be crazy not to either.
Catch them while you can."
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