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Good Morning Gents

Have you heard about the new ways to experience the Golden Touch with me?
With extensive years of experience in the erotic arts there comes a time when I sense a change in my own tastes as well as the type of clients I attract. I seem to attract the more submissive and experienced client and I’m very pleased to be trusted with fulfilling the needs of these Men.
Upon some reflection of both what I enjoy and the pattern of men I attract, I have created two new experiences - the tie and tease 90 min and the short but sweet 2 hr blend of social and naked time

Tie and tease is a sensory depravation EM session that will test the limits of your control, for 90 mins. Those who consider torture the ultimate kind of tease will not only endure this session but absolutely revel in the surrender.
Blindfolded and with the hands binded, I will slowly bring you to the brink of climax with everything that I have in my arsenal of extras and back to earth again, and again, and again. Warning this is not for the faint of heart or those lacking stamina as the sole focus is on you for 90 mins. The heightened sense of touch without the visual and tactile stimulation requires a certain submission to me that requires trust and patience.

Bite and delight- This package has been created for the busier Man who enjoys the connection of conversation and flirtation before the “Main Event” a shorter version of my Dinner and Delights rendezvous at 2 hours.
I supply your choice of beverage, be it wine or a frosty beer or a bespoke tea or coffee for the sober living Gent. Those of you that know me know I am a coffee fiend so you can trust that I will choose and make an amazing coffee date!
Snacks can be provided if requested too as I envision this experience to be a wine and cheese occasion. A mini date that will connect us mentally before we connect physically with my signature 1 hour EM full body experience.

With the new addition of extension hours rest assured that if you and I are enjoying ourselves and don’t want the date to end, it doesn’t have too
Please feel free to peruse my profile for rates and contact information

Thank you
Ari Gold

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