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My virtual dates are are set up with the idea of doing things together but not together Like a Netflix and chill but where we kinda watch most of the movie. Of course there’s playtime!
This is great for my overseas lovers too, we can now connect in times we are unable to travel.
Stuck at home and bored? Let’s share wine or water, over stories from far and wide, trade jokes, recipes and travel pics.
A yoga class or even join me in the shower and help me wash my hair.
It’s all pretty endless. You’re welcome to navigate our date as you wish. It’s done through our devices, phones, iPads or computers.
Being stuck inside the house for a week turns even the sweetest into a pervert.
Which means I’m also inviting you to take advantage of my SMS/WhatsApp text/pic exchanging options.
Virtual date - FaceTime, WhatsApp, Skype 
1 hour $250
1.5 hours $300
2 hours $450
3 hours $700
Playtime is an additional $100 per hour and must be agreed on prior - playtime is within the time booked. 
Video chat
5 mins $150
10mins $200
20mins $250 
Panties are $50 free postage
Designer panties and gym outfits $150
Socks/Stockings $50
If you’d like a personal copy of our play date this can be arranged for an additional fee. - filming is done with my phone facing me. You will not be in sight at any time. You voice may be heard.
Custom made clips
Send me your requests and I’ll make you a personal video

My R rated clips are very playful and sexy. Lots of close ups, up skirt, nude with my pretty pink kitty making an appearance. Foot fetish, dress ups. Whatever you can think of that’s not to hard core.
X rated on the other hand is where my toys come out, I may be with another girl or perhaps even a lucky guy! You can request what you want as long as its something I provide, it will be in this clip..
- Girl on girl will come with an additional rate for the performer.

R rated 10mins $250
X rated 10 mins $600

Sexy phone calls 
2mins $9 
5mins $22 
10mins $45 
30 mins $150
1 day (throughout the day) $200
1 week $400
1 month $600
* pics not included 
Add pics/videos  - happy to swap pics here
30mins $30 
1 day $50
1 week $75 
1 month $100
Dick Pics
$5 Per dick pic - means one pic only 
If you want me to rate your pic send $10
Or send as many pics as you like 
$50 hour or $60 if you want me to rate
$100 day or $120 if you want me to rate
$150 week or $180 if you want me to rate
$230 month or $300 if you want me to rate

If I’m not online when you really need me to be, you can still enjoy me!
I’ve officially launched my OnlyFans!
I’d love to see you there! It’s the perfect place to get to know me MORE up close and personal.

I’ll be personally interacting with ALL of my subscribers. Making exclusive content. And uploading daily!

With love
Ava xx

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